I love your baskets, but I’m not sure how I’d use them. What do you recommend?

My most frequent (and favorite) question! They can be useful in any number of ways. Here are a few ideas:

  • My large baskets are a yarn lover’s dream! They’ll display your stash beautifully and hold all of your project tools and materials while you work. The surface is just right for keeping yarn from unwinding too fast and tangling. Soft yet sturdy, colorful, lightweight and convenient for projects on the go.
  • Fill baskets with baked goods, artisan cheeses, or bottles of wine for birthday, holiday and hostess gifts that will be appreciated long after their contents are gone.
  • De-clutter! Small baskets make great catch-alls for keys, coins, wallets, cell phones, remote control devices, pens and notepads, etc.  They’re also handy for holding cosmetics, hair accessories and jewelry. Hang earrings around the rim to save space and prevent tangling. Or stand all your lotions and potions upright in a basket for organized grab-and-go access.
  • Ripen fruits and veggies in an airy basket on your kitchen counter. You’ll find they bruise less and last longer too.
  • Line shallow baskets with napkins to serve bread, rolls, crackers and chips.
  • Top off kitchen cupboards with a colorful lineup of assorted shapes and sizes;
  • or simply place a big basket in a special place where you’ll enjoy seeing it every day.

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What are your baskets made of?

Functional pieces such as baskets, coasters and trivets are made with premium cotton batik fabrics, long-staple thread and 7/32” polyester rope.

Why polyester rope instead of cotton?

After testing many different products, I settled on 7/32″ Blackwall brand solid-braid polyester for all of my functional items. Unlike cotton and cotton blend cords, it does not stretch, sag or absorb environmental moisture.

What materials are used in your bracelets & necklaces?

My wearables are 100% cotton, making them a great choice for those with metal allergies and/or sensitive skin. The cording is soft, supple, unbleached cotton that becomes even softer with wear. The hand-dyed fabrics and embroidery floss are 100% cotton as well.

How should I clean these products?

Functional items may be gently brushed, vacuumed and/or spot cleaned with cold water and a damp cloth before any soil has set into the fabric. Soaking, machine washing, tumble drying, dry-cleaning, stain removers and the use of chemical cleansers are not recommended as they may cause permanent damage.

For wearables, a gently applied moist cloth is best for removing surface soil before the soil has set. Air dry on a flat surface for best results. Due to the soft nature of these pieces, scrubbing, rubbing, abrasive cleansers and other cleaning methods are not recommended as they can weaken surface threads and cause permanent damage.

Can I buy your work online?

I do not have an online store at this time. Please see my “How to Buy” options above and/or contact me to see what is currently available. Please note that because every piece is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and I attend shows and keep my retailers freshly stocked year-round, my inventory is always changing. Contact me for current information on product availability. I welcome your inquiries and am always happy to make something special for you.