Wholesale Benefits

Authorized retailers receive 50% off retail + 50% off shipping and insurance. Approved interior designers/decorators receive 40% off retail + 40% off shipping and insurance. Single orders totaling $500 or more shipped free within the continental U.S.

Minimum Orders

Initial minimum order for new wholesale accounts is $300 ($600 retail) pre-paid. Once a minimum wholesale expenditure of $600 has been met, retailers qualify for a 30 day net account and $200 minimum orders thereafter.

Retail Prices (U.S.)

Baskets retail for $60 and up and may be ordered in a variety of sizes in round, oval and oblong shapes.

Mobius loop necklaces are approx 75″ long and retail for $58.

Trivets retail for $40 and up and may be ordered in a variety of sizes in round, oval and oblong shapes.

Please contact me for current product availability.

How to Place Wholesale Orders

Contact me with your business ID and/or website address and preferred styles and price points. Please note: Every piece is one-of-a-kind and my inventory is always changing.


Contact me with any requests for returns. Requests must be made within 10 days and include the reason for your request. Returns are neither accepted or refunded without prior approval, at which time return shipping instructions will be provided.

Returned items must be received in original, new/unused condition with tags intact. Refunds cannot be issued for used, soiled or damaged items. Return shipping is at the retailer’s expense unless the product has been shown to be defective in manufacture.

Please note: Goods returned as “unsuitable,” “not what I wanted/expected,” or reasons other than defect will be refunded less 15% within 5 days of the item(s) return in original new/unused condition with tags intact. Retailer is responsible for packing, shipping and insurance costs for items returned for reasons not attributable to defect. Please contact me for return shipping instructions.


MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, checks and money orders are acceptable.

Wholesale Delivery

Wholesale orders can generally be filled within 5 business days, depending on available inventory. All of my work is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Selection varies and may be limited. Please contact me regarding current availability of specific items.

International Orders

Please contact me regarding international shipping and insurance costs.